Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Trends in Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is one of the fast-evolving domains. Marketers need to update themselves on the latest trends in digital marketing to be able to adapt to emerging technologies and stay ahead in the market. It will help them stay at the competitive edge and have the capacity to create new ways to grow their business, generate new sales, and enhance the relationship with the existing customer base.

The recent past witnessed the sharp rise of video content, augmented reality, influencer marketing, and voice search. The fast-emerging trends in digital marketing are creating great strides in the industry. Businesses can take advantage of these avenues to boost up their marketing efforts and land on the desired outcome.


Voice search


Voice search is immensely growing in popularity. Comscore says by 2020, more than 50% of all the search queries will be voice-based. Example of one kind of voice search is the one involving smart speakers like

  • Amazon’s Alexa,
  • Apple Homepod,
  • Google Home,
  • Microsoft’s Cortana.

They all give instant voice answers to the questions of searchers. The other kind of voice search is in smartphones and desktops like

  • Google Assistant
  • Siri.

These voice searches display written search results. Businesses are now exploring ways to enhance the customer experience by introducing voice-enabled devices.


Smart Chat

Over the past few years, Chatbots has become immensely popular. Studies show that over 45% of customers prefer chatbots as their preferred mode of communication. Chatbots enable businesses to engage better with their customers. Marketers can use chatbots to improve the quality of customer experience without doing much. Real-time user assistance, proactive interactions, and dedicated support are some precious advantage of chatbots in digital marketing. Another rising trend sees the usage of WhatsApp Business Messaging apps across the globe.



An increasing number of users are using their smartphones for their online activities. Hence, Micro-moments come as highly beneficial tools for businesses to sustain the attention of the audience and guide their instant decisions. Micro-moments help create targeted content and personalized advertisements when the customer’s search for a nearby store, want to decide something or make a purchase. Precisely at the time, a customer wants something, micro-moments draws them to those brands that can satisfy their needs.


Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual reality and augmented reality are increasingly used by businesses now to create brand awareness. For example, companies like IKEA and L’Oreal creatively enhanced their customer experience by letting the customers visualize the products before they bought them. The other players who successfully invested in virtual reality marketing include Starbucks and Volkswagen. It is one of the most heightened trends, and in the next four years, the market size of AR and VR is expected to reach $209.2 billion worldwide.


Video and Live Video Marketing

Live content accounts for most of the internet video traffic, especially over the last three years. Live streaming the content seems to be a highly effective strategy since it is free and takes very little time to produce. Anyways, user engagement is noticeable. Video content can generate better impressions than the published posts in the news feed. Live streaming and video content let the marketers engage with the customers and leads rather quickly and also boost up the traffic to their social media channels.


AI and Machine Learning

AI enables marketers to expect the probable patterns of their customer behaviour based on the data collected from customers. Based on the data gathered, marketers can decide on the best ways to engage with their customers by choosing from different channels like digital advertising, sales outreach, and direct mail. Experts also say that AI has high potentials to penetrate new segments in the forth-coming years that will affect jobs in the sectors like accounting, finance, and banking while not leaving the intellectual jobs like teaching solely.


Engagement-based Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Businesses are now caring so much to send emails to those subscribers found on their contacts list. If contacts methodically engage with a company via emails, he must be nurtured regularly with updates and useful content. It may be about the business and its products, so that he eventually turns into a loyal customer.


Data Enrichment

Data enrichment helps businesses gather more details about their users and suitably personalize the content while reaching out to those users. Data enrichment helps in removing the false and wrong information that the companies might have about their leads. If one piece of reliable information is available, data enrichment helps in fetching the missing data instantly. The different data enrichment tools enable creating practical insights about the leads and customers. In turn, the findings are used to convert the leads into buyers.


Browser Push Notifications

Businesses are increasingly using browser push notifications to reach out to their leads in a productive manner and communicate with the audience in a powerful way. These notifications also help in enhancing conversion rates. For example, eCommerce companies use browser push notifications. It helps to target customers who have abandoned their shopping carts to encourage them to complete their purchase.


Personalized content

Personalized approach to marketing is becoming the most sought after strategy in digital marketing more now than ever. It is a tricky job to deliver the relevant content to an audience at the right time. Businesses can add significant value to their clients if used in context. To be able to personalize digital content satisfactorily, companies need to rely on visitor data. Dynamic landing pages based on the demographic, geographic, and behavioural attributes of the visitors is one of the most popular ways of gathering visitor data.



You have a fair idea of how trends in digital marketing have evolved over some time. New concepts are still being researched and developed. Please share your thoughts, and any feedback is welcome. You will learn more in days to come on the new digital marketing GPS in 2019.