6 Content Marketing Strategy Tips to Boost Your Business

6 Content Marketing Strategy Tips to Boost Your Business

6 Content Marketing Strategy Tips to Boost Your Business

It was only when digital marketing came on the scene that one of the marketing ingredients came to be known as content marketing. The purpose of the content is to educate, share and provide information about your product or service to the end-user. The content sharing can be via website contents, blogs, infographics, pdf, eBooks, Q & A and videos. There are some more, but if you focus on these, you would have hit the target, more or less.

Your content writing focus is more on delivering relevant and contextual content that understands the issues of the end-user and offers solutions. The process has to instill an element of trust and brand awareness.

You can write the content yourself or have a professional write the content for you. I would explore the later option though it may involve hiring a good writer. Use a professional content marketing strategist as a business owner. Let’s go through some of the basics in this blog.

1. Branding

I always believe you must promote yourself first in front of your audience. It is a mix of your skills, experiences in your life, and of course, your personality. You want to showcase your character, accomplishments and credentials earned over time to your entire audience. In other words, write and share your story. A personal brand should be the pre-cursor to your company or corporate brand. It will ultimately, an element of trust and credibility when you start sharing your business intent through content.
Part of your branding should contain lots of information on your product and services via blogs, articles, infographics, Q & A, surveys, Quizzes. Don’t underestimate the power of visuals through graphics and videos. Retention span increases when you include in building excellent brand awareness. Regular posts with a schedule are recommended, and it brings in added value for your audience. The bottom line – it inspires trust and confidence in your brand.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a concept that lets you increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your blogs, website or any form of written communication through the use of organic searches. Let’s go into small details as to what is in SEO. We mentioned the quality of traffic, and you need to provide information that genuinely attracts the visitors to your sites to learn about your product or services. The quantity of traffic you want to ensure you have the right amount of targeted traffic to come to your websites through search engines. Finally, the organic search is where you don’t pay for driving visitors to your sites. The opposite of organic is sponsored ads. SEO is a detailed process and touches upon various aspects, such as keywords and links.

3. Links

Links are another essential aspect of SEO. It is the process of linking another website back to your site. Having links helps in getting a citation in search engines and helps in Domain authority. There are two types of links – internal or outbound. The internal refers to backlinks. They should have quality links that help in ranking in most search engines. Quality and relevant contents are essential to attract links and relates to your specific niche. So long as you have fantastic content, this process will work well.

4. Build Relationships

Contents help build relationships among business owners and much more if they are from the same industry. Your content, if written well, will be appreciated by these leaders. Further, if you write or post positive comments, it will matter and impact the relationship. They may do the same in return to post on your blogs as comments. Bonds can help as it adds value. Don’t confuse the relationship building as a Link building.

The same concept applies when your readers are your fervent followers and appreciate all of your content. You can have it elevated to the next level when they become paying customers for your service or product you offer, or subscribers to your newsletter.

5. Social Media strategy

Having your presence in social media should be a serious business. You, as a business owner, have some responsibilities that you post regularly about you, your product and services. Not having proper content or a profile can cause more harm to your brand. Don’t post anything you like or write anything. It is strongly recommended to have a social media strategy and a social media calendar. Many tools can make it easy for you to create posts and captions for your social media. Also, choose the right and relevant social platform to convey your content. Then you will notice readers will find them exciting and respond by sharing and likes, including adding comments.

6. Conversions through contents

A primary goal is to build your brand and conversions through great content. The visitors are first categorized into prospects, then as customers. It can be a long drawn process. The stages can go through various stages, such as AIDA. Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. Many customers follow you and become aware of your brand through marketing messages. Then the process of engaging or expressing their desire and ultimately taking action to their desired choice.

Let me go into more detail on conversions through content.

Make conversion as an option. Provide content of value that end-user benefits but do not give anything in return. All you need is their attention, and if they do, that is your first step towards optional conversion. What do you provide to the end-user an option? It could be downloadable pdf, an eBook or DIY. It is available to them for free with no strings attached.
The next logical step is towards testing waters. You create new posts or pages continuously, tweaking them and improving on every new blog or content. This process can be called testing waters. Make the conversion optimization work for you through content writing and testing. You should focus at least 60% of the time in creating fresh content, and 40% in testing and polishing your content. Use of analytical tools can be of great help that can identify the type of visitors, ranking, social media likes and shares. All these metrics will help you improve conversion through content. So, you have some tips that will help your content marketing strategy to boost your business.