Logo & Identity design

Logo & Corporate Identity

Make an impression with a fully tailored logo and corporate identity that complements your brand personality.

What is the Logo & Corporate Identity design?

In the words of Saul Bass, an award filmmaker and branding expert, “Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” – Saul Bass.

In this competitive world, you can create your brand’s unequalled positioning with a pleasing logo. A good logo and brand identity are the first impressions of your company on your clients. It is also the first thing they will remember when they think of your brand. 

How Can it Help You Grow?

To actually succeed in a business, you need appropriate brand identity which leaves an imprint on the heart & mind of your target audience. All your marketing efforts will be in futile if you cannot represent your company’s best qualities in a simplistic yet attractive identity. 

You want people to look at your logo or business card and reflect positively about your company. When they think about your company, they must remember your corporate identity. A logo and identity package can ensure that you create the right brand awareness among your customers.

Oreonis can help you get both logo and corporate identity that can thoroughly showcase the core business values of your company.

What Do We Do?

We know what customers look for in a logo. Also, we create exemplary designs as unique as your business that appeals to a broader audience. Even if that’s not enough to build up the hype around your brand, we can revise your logo designs to achieve that perfection. 

Our professional team includes graphic designers and UI/UX developers that can deliver exceptional ROI, especially for new product launches and re-branding. By remodelling your existing logo and brand identity, you can change the public perception in your favor and attract the right target audience.

What’s Our Strategy to Make a unique Logo and Corporate identity design?

Our designers first understand your brand story and business values to ensure we can deliver what you are seeking.

We understand that time is precious and save your precious working hours by letting you choose from multiple designs. We will schedule a quick turnaround time. You choose the size and resolution of the designs, and we deliver. While the design may be ours at first, once we complete and deliver you get complete copyright and ownership for your brand identity.

Based on the overall strategy, we all understand that the logo and corporate identity are visual. They have parameters around to create both logo and corporate identity. It includes elegant, Google fonts, colors using the colour wheel and the dimensions. All of these ultimately makes it visually appealing.

Where Does Our Brand Live As Visuals and Part of Your Package?:

 Stationery such as business card, letterheads, e-business card, envelopes

  • Marketing collateral
  • Products and services
  • Signage
  • Apparels and or uniforms
  • Communication – emails, faxes, messages, and social media platforms.

Make us work for you into combining Logo, Brand, and Identity into a reality.