ORM-Online Reputation Management Services

Your brand and your reputation are your asset, protect it all costs.


What is ORM – Online Reputation Management?


In the words of Stacey Kehoe, “Demand for your business is driven by the quality of your reputation. Live and breathe your values to maintain control of your brand reputation.”- Stacey Kehoe


Your online reputation is the first face of your company, and one negative review online may hamper business in the long run. Our Online Reputation Management Services in Toronto (ORM) can help you create a positive brand image in the eyes of your target audience.


How can Brand’s online reputation help you grow?


Ignoring ORM – online reputation management can not only bring about business losses, but it can also cost you in losing customers. In a study, customers got demotivated if a company, service and or product is rated fewer than three stars out of five. Dealing with negative reviews comes with experience and specialized skills. we may even call it art. Business must consider reputation services as an integral part of their daily activity.


Thus, the first step towards brand creation is to decide how you want your customers to see your brand.


Role of an Online Reputation Management – What do we do?


At the outset, we have to look at some challenges you encounter in your business through a negative comments. The stats point out that 85% of customers make purchasing decisions on the reviews they read. It includes discussions about the management of the company.


We do a:


  • Thorough brand audit,
  • Checking online forums like reddit, sitejabber,
  • Social network analysis,
  • Exclusive content management.
  • Reputation Protection.
  • Business’s Brand Marketing


We identify the issues that reviews bring about; it may be negative and positives too. Ability to emphasize and react positively for both is crucial. At times negative reviews may emanate from the competition to drive traffic away.


We at Oreonis, read each review and act suitably so that the readers can read the reviews and the corresponding responses from the company. It often leads to assuaging the feelings and keep a positive impression. We don’t subscribe to suppressing negative reviews. We use the verification process to ensure the reviewer is authentic and not a spam. Study indicates over 80% succumb to negative reviews or spamming. It helps in business’s brand marketing.


We also protect your brand against negative reviews by designing a suitable digital media content strategy. So, you can promote your desired reputation and brand image across all digital channels.


With social media, we use the elaborate tools to facilitate daily tasks like content creation, tracking reviews/comments published about your brand, and post scheduling.


Our Solution


If you still feel apprehensive, skeptic or unsure about your brand’s online reputation, Let us improve brand awareness and reputation. Enhance your company’s online reputation with the help of our experts. Online reputation management is not a choice but a must now for you and your online presence.