How to Improve Your Local SEO Results



How to Improve Local SEO Results

Few things can benefit a successful small business as much as a high-quality Local SEO. If you’re running a local business, local SEO is vital to your business. It will help improve its ultimate performance in search results.

The business at a global level has different parameters for search ranking. Local business uses similar but focused search results.

The strategy relies on how you market your services to local demographics.

So, what Local SEO optimizing does for you? Local SEO helps generate website traffic, leads and conversions. A focused and planned strategy will help you compete with national brands.

National brands have a bigger budget and resources. Running unique campaigns and with relevant contents, you stand a chance to do better. A local SEO agency can plan by optimized keywords both in contents and blogs.

It will help you drive more traffic and leads for your business. Most businesses are not optimized or unclaimed, and over 35% of the market is local. You may miss a chance if you fail to optimize, and it may hurt your business.


1. How to make Google Local SEO Search efficient and successful:

  • 1. Claim your business if not already done.
  • 2. Set up and create Google My Business Account.
  • 3. Optimize Google My Business Account.
  • 4. Claiming and creating a presence in the local search is at no cost to you.


2. To optimize Local SEO Customers for your Google My Business

  1. Please ensure you:
  2. Verify your listing.
  3. Give accurate information.
  4. Include a logo, business hours, services offered.
  5. Include relevant images with tags and promotional videos
  6. Payment gateway
  7. Ensure ease of doing business with you
  8. Contact information, including phone # and email.
  9. Give your website address and a link.
  10. Encourage leaving visitor reviews
  11. Respond to customer reviews
  12. Create great contents and regular blog posts.


3. Importance of customer reviews

  • Getting customers to write reviews helps you to get a rating and ranking.
  • Reviews help brand awareness and reputation of your business.
  • Good reviews help build customer loyalty.
  • Over 85% of customers make a buying decision based on the reviews and rating.

4. How to get customer reviews and ratings?

  1. Give excellent service and ask for a review after an interaction
  2. The interaction can be via phone or any other means that you may set up in GMB or your website.
  3. There are several services which you can subscribe to, that will help customers.
  4. Services like call back, seeking a feedback and knowledge library.
  5. Using a buyer persona and sending campaign emails or special occasion mailing.
  6. Responding to both positive and bad reviews. It will help customers understand your customer service standards.
  7. Remember, Google recommends customer responsiveness through reviews.


5. Optimize for Voice Search

Voice search is becoming the norm. Mobile and browser voice search makes it smooth for customers to search for local business. It also reduces keystrokes on your keyboard. Your customers are more prone to using long search words when doing voice searches. Your SEO expert can adjust the tone for voice search.


6. News and Events on your GMB

Make GMB your broadcaster. Any local event or news that will draw your customer’s attention. It should be part of your regular posts with images. You can achieve these on GMB posts or your website with a link from GMB. Share and support your local community events.


7. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Using Local SEO Professionals

We can’t overstate the importance of creating a responsive website. Use of smartphones by both baby boomers and millennial has grown to a new level. Over 70% use their smartphone to do all online transactions. Having a local presence has taken a different dimension altogether.

The need to improve and grow your local business using Local SEO Professionals has never been greater than now. You must not leave these suggestions to a later date and put them in place sooner than later. The famous adage “Time and Tide Waits for None.”


Conclusion-How to Improve Local SEO Results

We now know what local SEO results and Local SEO Pack will do for you. In other words, it is a process of optimizing, editing the contents where necessary in a blog or a website. It will help rank higher or even on top of search results to attract more traffic.

We welcome your feedback and share your thoughts for new ideas to make it worthwhile.