How to Provide Proactive Customer Service on Live Chat

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How to Provide Proactive Customer Service on Live Chat

Consumer behaviour and technology have been consistently evolving over the years. Why does someone think that customer service and support shouldn’t grow side by side?

Until lately, most companies have been utilizing a reactive customer service model, only reacting to customer service issues after they happen.

This model has steadily been changing towards a new dimension.

The latest technologies enable companies to gather data around consumer preferences, customer experience while using it as a competitive advantage, agile teams, and more.

According to the latest studies conducted by InContact, a whopping 87% of customers are expecting companies to proactively reach out regarding the customer service issues that the customers are facing.

Proactive customer service can vastly improve customer happiness and their perception of your business – take Sam’s Furniture, a US-based retailer as an example. When the company started proactively encouraging customers to start a live chat, they experienced a big $50,000 boost in their monthly sales.

That’s the power of proactive customer support and what it can do for your business.

On top of that, being proactive about customer service can help ease the burden on small support teams, too, reducing phone calls by 20-30% over one year.

It’s not about your company’s size, nor the number of employees in your customer service team. Proactive customer support on live chat is tremendously rewarding for all companies of all sizes.

How to use Proactive Live Chat 

Providing proactive customer service on live chat is more than simply offering a live chat on your website and calling it quits. Live chat is an incredibly valuable tool, but you have to use it the right way.

The first step is to outline your ideal outcome. What is your goal when it comes to providing a live customer chat? Is it customer happiness, service level enhancement, more sales or lightening the load on customer service teams?

You might want to:

•   Engage with fresh leads (people who just arrived at your website via organic search paid search, referrals, email marketing or campaigns.)

•   Up-sell to your existing customers

•   Expect and handle customer objections, including loyal and repeat customers.

•   Step in when customers are non-reactive on support or FAQ pages.

With a specific outcome in mind, you can use the live chat to engage with your audience the right way, provide visitors with the information they’re looking for and creating feedback loops The goal is to improve quality and setting high standards.

Engage with the right audience

Customers love to live interaction. Live chat and or Chatbot is a feature that has become a necessity for every website. It helps in brand awareness and brand reputation. Besides answering questions, it can also result in conversions.

It starts by engaging the right audience. The right audience is already motivated and ready to make a purchase decision. It needs an appropriate live chat tool to provide proactive support.

Web Design and contents -Page Depth

Having a website with visual effect and optimized contents is an requisite part of website visitors. The home page is the face of any website. You either make it to the next page or you quit. Your goal is to keep the visitors to stay on your site and stay longer browsing other pages. The engagement factor will determine the motivation level and will in the end drive the

visitor to make inquires or make the purchase decision. Ability to interact with the customer is very crucial. Besides, if you have a chat option, chances of conversion are higher. ,

We recommend you create chat option on potential conversion pages with a popup chat box that lets them know you are available for a chat if they have any questions.

Time on page

Following the very same pattern, we may engage the customer based on the session they had on a particular page. If it appears they are still perusing, chances are, they may have questions or clarification to seek. It is at this time the proactive support should engage the customer to provide the help they need.

A good benchmark number to consider for your live chat interaction should be a second or two above average time the users spend on a page. A date you will have in the Google Analytics).

Chatbox visibility

While offering customer support to every visitor, having a website is a good idea. Not having a website it may prove to be costly exercise to manage a small team to offer support for your services. It will be thoughtful for you to have the right chatbox on pages where you are likely to engage with your visitors. The most likely pages a visitor peruses-home page, about page, FAQ and services page.

It’s an important decision to make.

Give visitors the info they’re looking for by offering knowledge library. A chat box or a chatbot to interact with bare-bones questions. A request for a return call or a scheduler. All these tools must be available to the customer on the website, that prompts the visitor to take action.

The proactive customer service is all about streamlining the support experience. Follow up with an email providing the history of the chat via email provided at the beginning of the conversation. It will result in having a happy customer and increase his loyalty to your brand and service.

The best way to reduce the length of your chat conversations is to give visitors all the information they’re looking for, upfront in your chat app. The key details to communicate right on your screen (before the conversation even starts) are:

•   Chat availability—times, when your agents are available, are

•   Order management information

•   The Latest Updates Your FAQs.

4 in 10 customers say they’re more likely to buy from companies who offer live chat. 47% report that they haven’t had a positive live chat experience during their last visit. It is so extremely vital to have a post-call follow up or a feedback email to rate their experience.


Every business must strive to gain customer goodwill and trust by enabling some of the tools and providing proactive customer support on live chat. You don’t lose by being gentle and generous in handling the customers with kid gloves. The ROI in this process will be huge for the business and improve brand awareness. Let’s make it happen with pro-activeness.