How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

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How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agency, including an online marketing agency (another term), has become a big industry. With the advent and enormous use of the internet for every activity, the use of technology in every sphere of one’s daily life, you need to reach out with digital strategies. The end-user is always looking for information, and they no longer rely on traditional marketing.

On average, every user, on average, spends about 6 hours in digital media. You are in business, and if you want to create visibility to end-users, you must have an online presence. The marketing budget is up by about 40% to get your message across to end-users by developing a planned marketing strategy. Useful content and blogs have become necessary for most businesses. So, there is a trend for able digital marketing agencies in the market place.

There are about 100,000 agencies in the USA, and this number is gradually on the rise. Canada, in comparison, is not that high. In 2018 the ad spend was about 7.7 billion and expected around 8.8 billion in digital ad spend.

This growth is not without challenges. You start to look for an ideal agency to look after your digital needs. However, you will find many offering the same kind of digital service, making it hard for you to find the right one. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.  Also, It is a trial and error method until you find one that fits your digital needs.

We will attempt to provide you with a process that may help in finding the right digital marketing agency who can partner with you from the start.  A digital marketing agency is a science and can be perfected only with consistency and regularity.

We will help you with a two-way filter checklist that will let you identify your ideal digital marketing agency partner. The filters will be on-screen and off-screen, will go into detail explanation below.


Your agent will improve your digital presence. He will start with a website, mobile apps, social networks. Then enhance the way you project you and your business to customers online, thus creating an impression of your image and your offerings.


The digital agent will focus on digital media networking more than your presentation and your visual appearance to customers. They will find innovative ways to attract traffic and visitors to your network gradually. It will help generate revenue and conversions to your business.

The next step will be a need for a planned strategy, clarity and purpose — failure to adhere to these; the writing could be on the wall. Like any business, it will fail. Every aspect of digital marketing is vast and needs patience, transparency, specialization and integrity.

What are the Components of Digital Marketing?

1.     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2.     Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management service

3.     Social Media Marketing (setup and manage campaigns)

4.     Web Design and Development

5.     Content Marketing

6.     Conversion Rate Optimization

7.     Online Brand and Reputation Management

8.     Mobile – Android, iOS and Hybrid Development

9.     Email Marketing

10.  Affiliate Marketing

11.  Google My Business (once Google Places) AKA Local SEO

All the above are achievable if you, as a marketer, have a planned strategy for your clients. These plans may have three segments-short medium and long term. So long as you know your route map and have resources, it is imaginable.

Let me take It a bit further here to let you, as a business owner or a self-employed freelancer can take so that you can find the right person to manage your digital marketing activities.

Go Brainstorming with Your Team

Investing in a digital partner for your business has to weigh in with what you are currently doing. Assess your needs and get ideas from different people in your team or organization. Consult everyone and let them provide you with their findings. You will be surprised how many new things will surface that your decision-making process will have a better outcome.

Once you are clear with all the facts, list out all your needs and the criteria.  Invite the digital suitors for a formal interview and assess their potentials.

List Out All that You Want to Achieve

I have listed the type of services that a digital agency offers, and you can break them into blocks so you can understand each other’s perspectives. I will break them into following headings:

  • Digital Marketing,
  • Video Marketing
  • Web Design and Development.

There are some other miscellaneous tools, such as project management tools and onboarding tools. These tools, if used by the digital marketer, will help in making the right choice.  Automation is an integral and requisite element that the company must consider, keeping in mind that a business needs a fast turn around time.

Strategy and Planning

Your team must have a long term strategy, with a focus on the short term to begin with the implementation of your digital strategy and planning. Your goal should be inbound marketing with growth driven design principle. Your ultimate aim is to attract visitors to your website to your social media channels with the “FLYWHEEL” concept – Attract, Engage and Delight.

Look for a digital agency that believes in your ideology and able to implement it with a plan of action. Digital marketing strategies are not one time set up, and it is an ongoing process. All of these interactions will give you enough food for thought with the next title- Budgeting.


Your success or failure depends upon your effective budget planning. A viable financial and budget plan with your goals will be a good start. At first, for a start-up, it is all expenditures and very little revenue. So be sure to have an excellent cash flow projection. Undertake what is your instant requirement and work towards achieving that goal. Take advantage of your internal resources and see if they can execute your digital plan. It may be a learning process. However, it can save you that extra cost, which you may payout to a digital marketer or the agency. There are lots of areas that even a beginner can perform functions such as website audit and analysis.

Find a Digital Marketing Agency that fits your personality.

There are lots of digital marketing agencies around you and very professional ones too. At the same time, there are a few who set up shops freelancing with no credentials to back their strengths in providing you service. You may recall that you started as a rookie in your business, and you were looking for prospects and customers who can buy your products and or services. New or rookie Digital Marketers are in the same situation.

Here are some pointers you look for in finding an ideal digital agency for your business. Find out the niches they serve and their expertise in those niches. Browse their website and see how they communicate their vision and mission to you. They may be rookie like you, so don’t at once ask for testimonials, they may have none. Don’t panic; look for their entry into the digital marketing world; see if they have experience in sales and marketing.  Please ensure to check out their work and years of business experience. Their associations in social media platforms, look for their endorsements and recommendations. The marketer, if omnipresent in all the channels of your interest, does one more step of verification, google their company and the digital marketer. You will learn a lot about the marketer and the agency. It should give you a good idea about the next logical step.

Remember, The best and experienced marketer may not always be right; the right digital marketer is the one that best fits your personality. The technology and algorithms change frequently, and your digital marketer must keep pace with those changes.

Value Proposition and not the price

Having assessed the strengths of your digital marketer, now comes the price you agree to pay. Often the price may break it or make it for both sides.  Go through the quote; If the price is too high, you have to evaluate the offers from the right perspective. Check out for any value propositions that may sway your decision.

Similarly, if it’s too low or cheap, then don’t assume negatively. The marketer may be new in the market wanting to get your business, or they have resources that can cut your costs to a minimum and maximize your profits. Again assess the quote and see if there is a value proposition and then make a well-informed decision. Remember, both the marketer and the business owner should strive to make it a win-win proposition that makes reciprocal sense.

The premise of trust and reliability is vital. You and Digital marketer have expertise and knowledge in your respective field. Your crucial insight into each other with an open mind is essential for the ultimate success.  It is the start of a new relationship, exercise caution and move along as you will learn to depend on each other’s abilities. It is no different from your real-life examples.


Let me end with a quote from “ Relationships are always built on trust. It is not an advertisement that may enhance the trust factor among the target audience. It is the content that makes everything different that builds the trust factor.” 

― Hecate Strategy