How Social Media Helps Business in 2020?

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How Social Media Helps Business in 2020?

The Internet has taken social interactions to a new global level. The world has shrunk that it is now anyone can interact in split seconds. It is unbelievable where we are heading when it comes to communication, be it a chat or a video chat. Social Media has taken the lead, and it is no longer a snail mail. I have forgotten what snail mail means? Not really, but for many, it may be history.

It’s as easy as typing out several words to keep in touch with friends or relatives who are across the world. Social Networking channels have grown to be notable online societies with billions of virtual inhabitants. Only Facebook has 1.7 billion users, making it one of the most significant communities in the world (forget China, or India in terms of their number, but Facebook’s population is substantial)

With the growth of social media, communication has become easy and is on our palms. Personal and or Business interactions has become an integral part of our daily activity. It is in the reach of everyone across the globe with very little or no investments for these means of communication. You are in a virtual world and seconds away from your contacts.

You have internet or Wi-Fi, and you are in the business of communicating with the external world with no borders or boundaries. I must give a lot of credit to one platform – Social Media for shrinking the distance.

Social Media, as the name suggests, started as a personal communication platform, where you communicate with your friends, families and acquaintances local, regional, national and international. Now the business has hopped on to these channels to get their messages or data across.

Social Media and Business

Businesses recognize that most people across the globe assemble in any one of the platforms for social interactions. Companies chose to leverage the power of these social platforms and started their journey of conveying their business messages. These channels took advantage and created a platform for business interactions also.


1. Customers are in Social Media

Social Media started as a forum for social interaction between friends where they shared their messages and pictures.  According to Statista, the number on Facebook alone was close to 1.7 billion users. About 70% of users have at one social media profile. By the end of 2021, the number of users across the globe is likely to reach 3.1 billion. You own business, small or medium or large, cannot overlook the potential to engage with these users on any of the social media platforms. On average, most users access social media at least five times a day. So, every business can showcase their presence on the same platform and create an opportunity to mix and mingle. Take the initiative and be proactive to reach out to your potential customers.


2. Marketing in Social Media Channels.

The volume, frequency and usage of these platforms for social purposes also allows interacting with messages posted by you on your brand. Patience and understanding are vital for your rewarding interaction with users on these social platforms. Your brand is easily recognizable, or the information you share resonates with the users, you have increased your potential to interact with the users.


3. Social Media and Brand Recognition

You are a social media user on different platforms. Creating a business profile on popular platforms will increase your brand visibility. Creating a profile with brand information can go a long way in helping social users to interact with your brand. You have to ensure that you post relevant contents with images and or videos appropriate to your brand can attract users to your page. The consistency and relevancy can help users assimilate and help you build client loyalty.


4. Inbound Marketing and Social Media

Concept of inbound marketing with the flywheel concept of attracting, engaging and delighting will help you promote your brand to the social media audience. Your posts and contextual messaging can help you get better ranking in search engine optimization. With every organic post, you can have your users share their likes and comments and a link to your website. It will create brand awareness, and with the access to your website through these channels can generate traffic and at last result in conversions. You have inbound marketing efficiency, social media business interaction and increase in website traffic resulting in conversions.


5. Using Other social platforms to improve your brand.

Besides Facebook, there are other platforms where you will see users congregate to interact, post or share their messages. Since each platform has specific demographics and target audience, you can create your message based on their age, gender, hobbies, interests and professions. You can customize your messages to each platform and gauge their performance through analytics. It will help businesses immensely to drive traffic from these platforms to the website for more interactions and ultimate conversions.


6. Social Media Organic and Paid Advertising Campaigns

Social Media, especially Facebook, now has options to target your audience via paid advertising. You have the choice of using an organic approach complemented via advertisements. We call it paid advertising. It helps improve your message to the targeted audience and the applicable demographics. All you need is an element of creativity and the budget to run your ads. You can monitor the performance and adjust your campaigns to suit your brand. You can engage social media experts who can plan your strategy and drive traffic to your website for conversions.


7. Cost-Effective Process

Based on the available statistics, paid campaigns are comparatively less expensive and with a good return on your investment. Social media business campaigns if thoroughly processed using social media calendar, can create a better understanding of your brand. You may have to allocate about three to fours hours a week to plan, design and execute your campaigns. Once you load them on to the calendar, you can either post the ads manually or schedule the ads. There are channels such as

  • Buffer,
  • Hootsuite,
  • Social Bee

All the above can be of great help to you.


8. Social Media and SEO

You are already optimizing your website with SEO optimization, and when social media is part of your social engagement, the search engine uses for ranking your website in conjunction with Social media. With connecting your social media with your website, and your existing ranking in the search engine, you can show that you are trustworthy and credible. Also, if you feature in Google My Business and local SEO, you are creating an extra layer of trust both for search engines and your visitors. It may result in you climbing the search rank higher both in regular SEO and also in three-pack of Google My Business.


Recap – How Social Media Helps Business

So, with all the above guidelines, you should be on your way to the top of search engine results. If you are struggling or not able to find resources to get you where you want to me, get in touch with experts at Oreonis. We can schedule a time when we can strategize your marketing plan for Social Media.